Designers Abandon One Outdated Living Room Trend in Favor of a Refreshing Alternative

Designers Abandon One Outdated Living Room Trend in Favor of a Refreshing Alternative

Pictured above: Nova loose cover sofa in linen


In the ever-evolving world of interior design, what was once a beloved trend in living room décor may now find itself on the outs. As styles and preferences change, so do the colours, prints, decoration techniques, furniture pieces, and fabrics that define the current zeitgeist. To navigate these shifting trends and make savvy choices for your living space, we turned to some top interior designers to discover what they're currently loving and what they're happily bidding farewell to in living room designs.



The once-popular trend of having a bar cart or trolley on wheels in the living room is now pretty much passé. Instead, the new trend is leaning towards proper built-in bars or entertaining areas adjacent to the living room or dining room. This shift allows for a more seamless integration of the bar area into the overall design scheme and promotes a sense of elegance and sophistication.


But fear not if you lack the space for a grand built-in bar! A stylish alternative, as suggested by these designers, is to opt for beautiful decorative storage that not only showcases your spirits but also doubles up as an accent piece.


Solid walnut mid century drinks cabinet in a dark room

The Elixir Solid Walnut Wood Drinks Cabinet



As the quest for comfort and cosiness takes center stage in contemporary living room design, designers are swooning over super plush, soft-to-touch materials that envelop occupants in a cloud of luxury. Among these materials, boucle and linen stand out as particularly favored fabrics. Boucle sofas and chairs effortlessly complement various interior styles while exuding warmth and inviting allure with their comfortable and fluffy appearance. Surprisingly, boucle boasts a durable construction, minimal liquid absorption, and easy-to-clean properties, making it a practical and sustainable choice.


Create a relaxing living room by opting for cosy and inviting materials. Use linens, boucle to establish an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Linen, with its crisp and clean texture, imparts simplicity and sophistication to the space, while boucle, with its distinct textures, introduces an extra layer of warmth and visual interest.


The emphasis on comfort doesn't stop there. It's crucial to select furnishings that not only look inviting but also feel completely comfortable to sit on. In a space intended for relaxation and leisure, the last thing you want is furniture that leaves you feeling restless or constrained. Moreover, practicality remains key, as easy-to-clean materials ensure that maintenance is a breeze and the living room remains a haven of relaxation without worries about stains or spills.


So, as you embark on your living room design journey, keep these insights from seasoned interior designers in mind. Bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, opting for sleek built-in bars over traditional trolleys and indulging in the luxury of super soft materials that cuddle you in a warm and inviting embrace. With these trends as your guide, your living room will undoubtedly become a stunning expression of modern comfort and style, designed to stand the test of time.


Pictured below: Goya Boucle Sofa

Boucle sofa in a traditional wood paneled room


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