About Us

Our mission is to offer fine furniture at affordable prices.

We achieve this by cutting out the middlemen such as distributors and wholesalers and avoid costs such as showrooms, sales staff (and their commissions), rent, warehousing, and many associated overheads that traditional furniture shops impose on their products. 


We will replace the seat and back cushions if you don't find them comfy enough.

We are confident that you will find your sofa superbly comfortable. This is why we offer to replace the seat and back fillings if you don't find them comfortable (The fillings will require some time to settle before achieving their ideal comfort level). Choose either the "feather & foam" or "fibre & foam filling" and you won't be disappointed. Read THIS PAGE for full details. We also offer full feather, feather & fibre, hybrid foam and several other options that are not listed on the website because customers rarely ask for them. If you prefer one of these options, just contact us. 


I am not convinced about buying a sofa online. 

We are not trying to convince you. You should not buy from us if you don't feel comfortable buying a sofa online. We appreciate that purchasing a sofa online, without seeing it in person, is a significant decision. We understand that this approach might not suit everyone. We always advise our potential customers to only proceed if they feel entirely comfortable and confident in doing so. If there's any doubt, it's best not to proceed.


Fact! Showroom prices can be inflated by up to 40%. 

Bear in mind that the price tag of a showroom sofa isn't just for the furniture itself. It's also covering the hefty expenses of running that showroom. When you step into such a space, the cost of the sprawling retail area, the salaries and commissions of the sales staff assisting you, and the entire operational overhead are all factors you're indirectly paying for, not just the sofa.

In less favourable scenarios, the seemingly reasonable price in a showroom can be misleading, as cost savings might stem from compromises in construction quality, using cheaper materials and components that remain out of sight within the sofa. There's no such thing as a "free lunch." A showroom purchase means either paying a premium for a high-quality sofa or settling for a lower-quality piece at a seemingly attractive price. Ultimately, it's the customer who bears the cost of the showroom expenses.


How can I buy a sofa without testing it?

We often encounter this question and recognize that comfort is a personal preference. In reality, there are only a few seat filling options available, and with our decades of experience in the industry, we're well-equipped to guide you in selecting the right one for your needs. The vast majority of our customers, 99% in fact, find great comfort in two of our filling options. For detailed information on our most popular fillings, please visit THIS PAGE. Alternatively, let us know your preference, and we'll tailor-make it for you.

Our company's success hinges on customer satisfaction, not on distributing sofas that fall short in comfort and prompt returns for refunds. The thriving state of our business stands as testament to the fact that purchasing a sofa sight unseen is indeed feasible and satisfactory.


Lorenzo curved sofa in pastel pink