Seat Cushion Options

Comfort is just as important as looks

We understand that comfort is subjective. It's hard to know if your sofa will be as comfy as it looks on our photos (we can assure you it will be). However, there is so much a photo can't tell you. How soft or firm are the seats? How much support is provided on the back? Is this a sofa to lay down and relax on?

Unlike some producers, we allow our customers to choose any of our seat fillings for any sofa model they wish. So there are no sofas specifically for sink-in deep lovers, or some just for those who like them nice and firm.

The following 4 types of cushions have been tried and tested by our customers over the years, so you can rest assured they will provide you with the perfect level of comfort that suits your needs.



Feather & Foam

Feather and foam seat cushions


Filled with the finest goose down feather and a foam core. Soft and luxurious to sit on, while the foam keeps it in shape and provides a good level of support.

Feathers are sewn into channels that are spread evenly across the cushion. This avoids lumps and ensures the cushion retains it's shape. They need to be plumped regularly to keep them looking great.

These cushion seats have a built-in strip of Velcro on the  bottom so they stick to the sofa and avoid slipping out of place. 



Feather & Foam and Fibre and Foam (the option below) are chosen by over 99% of our customers and have their seal of approval. This is why we always recommend choosing one of these. It only comes down to whether you prefer feather or synthetic fibre.


Fibre & Foam

Fibre and foam seat cushions


Containing our exclusive "Comfy Fibre" these cushions are just as comfortable as feather. The fibres we use have 50% more air pockets and are more bouncy than regular fibre.

Low maintenance. Only needs plumping once a week. Also comes with a built-in strip of Velcro to avoid slipping out of place.







Sink In Deep

Sink in deep feather wrapped fibre cushion seats


Feather wrapped fibre. Extra soft slouchy seat cushions. Only recommended for those who like to sink all the way inside the seat. It's as if you are sitting on clouds. Soft, squishy and luxuriously comfy.



There is very little support and they will get the lived-in look very quickly. Will require plumping after every use and may need refilling in the years to come. Therefore these are very high maintenance cushions.



Firm foam seat cushions


Hybrid Foam – Firm and almost flat. Only recommended for those who like it firm. 90% high density foam with a layer of softer reflex foam to provide some comfort. Feels like you are sitting on a cushion rather than in it.

Very supportive comfy and easy to get on and off the sofa.
Very low maintenance and easy to look after.