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Amalfi Chair
Matthew Gabriel
Great chair

I saw this chair / website via a google ad listing. I am sitting in the chair as i write this. First of all the chair i was sent does not quite match the images as the wood is darker (walnut) and the seat black instead of grey / tan. The height of the chair in the listing is incorrect. It is 74cm high with the arm rests being 64cm heigh so they will fit under most tables and desks nicely. Also my chair does not have hard wood protectors like in the image. Aside from these quirks to note it is a very nice chair. I am using it as an office chair and it is comfortable to sit on.

Pleasantly surprised after nearly cancelling the order

The sofa was taking too long to complete and I nearly cancelled the order on one occasion. I am very happy I didn't. It's very well made, beautiful and very comfortable.

Humphrey Sofa Bed
Junas G

Exceptional service. The delivery well organised. We received the driver's phone number and tracking the day before and he arrived even earlier than expected. Everything was packed well and of course the quality is what we expected, as we have seen and tried our friends sofa. I requested a set of longer legs as I felt the height of the seat was not sufficient for my height of 195cm. Now the sofa feels as if it was tailor made to my physical needs. I have never felt so comfortable on any sofa. At my height all sofas feel to low for comfort and I end up looking like a grown up sitting on a child's chair. Many thanks for a truly personalised service and product.

Humphrey Sofa Bed
Farideh Khan
Beautifully made

I will definitely buy from daia home again. Their furniture is of excellent quality and customer service is top. We like our sofa bed very much. The bed can be opened and closed with ease. The velvet material is very nice to touch and it's been easy to keep clean. The bed has already been a life saver as I have family visiting now and then. Although this sofa wasn't suppose to be the main one in the house, we tend to use it the most as the seats are much more comfortable than our old one.

My goodness that was a long wait!! was it worth it? Yes, and then some. It took nearly 5 months!! But unlike some “Covidiots” I understand we had months of lockdowns so it didn't bother me. Although my husband was getting on my nerves towards the end. Thanks David for this little beauty. I love the sofa, love the colour and the scatter cushions were a nice surprise. Take care hun

We had a wonderful experience. They were always available for feedback and answered all our questions before and during production. We've had our Hartfield sofa bed for more than a year now and it still feels new to sit or sleep on. I have just visited the website today to purchase the Ponti desk. This will be the third piece of furniture I've purchased from them and it won't be the last.

We unpacked our sofa yesterday and I have to thank you guys for this glorious piece of furniture. My kids spent the night on the sofa bed as they were very excited with our new sofa. It's everything I hoped it would be. If I'm honest it's surpassed all expectations. I am very happy I decided to give you guys a go. I was so close buying from a big brand name. The comfort, the look, the attention to detail is astonishing. From now on I will always look for specialists when buying home furniture. You have opened my eyes.

Comfortable bed and a stylish sofa rolled into one

The sofas is perfect, stylish and the pull out bed is very easy to use and comfortable to sleep on. The mattress in particular is very well made. I was somewhat uneasy about buying a sofa bed as I always had terrible experience with sleeping on one. I had to recently turn my guest room into an office so I can work from home, so the only way to have over night guests was to utilise a sofa bed.

Ponti Desk
Linda M
Simply elegant

Received my Ponti desk and I am absolutely over the moon. This desk is the nicest piece of furniture in my house now. The desk just oozes quality and style. It's beautifully crafted and you can't really appreciate it until its right there in front of you. There was a very pleasant surprise inside too, a set of Gold knobs for the drawers. I tried both the Black and the Gold, but I think the Gold knobs go much better with the overall look. I have just put in an order for the chair that goes with it and can't wait to complete the look. Thank you.

Excellent Quality

Couldn't be happier with the quality of this sofa. The packaging looked flimsy from the outside and I was especially worried as the delivery guys had to squeez it through, but after unwrapping it all was fine. My first ever made to order sofa and I don't see how you I can ever again just pick a sofa off the shelf. Many thanks

Alex is a gem, he was so helpful with us and he was always available for advice. There were some delays, as to be expected with this pandemic, but we were confident with the level of service we received and just waited it out. Our settee is very comfortable. I'm glad we listened to David and didn't go for firm seats. He knows his stuff.

Our new sofa arrived a while ago but haven't had time to write a review. I can report all is well and we are thoroughly enjoying it. My daughter and her firends are using it as the background to their selfies, so they must like it too. I am glad we chose a British company. Thanks again everyone, especially David for being there every step of the way.

Abbie Sofa - Over filled cushions and extra scatter cushions

Wonderful, beautiful, lovely and comfortable like sitting on clouds.. what more can I say

My cousin recommended daia home to us so we went for one of their classic English looks. I always wanted something in that style but could never find it at a reasonable price. You never know what you're going to get even after paying a bundle of cash for a sofa online. So it was good that we already knew someone who was very happy with their sofa. I must say, it is rather gorgeous and probably the most comfortable I can ever remeber sitting on.

I bought a footstool first to ensure the quality is up to scracth. I'm one of those people who would order a small dish at a new restaurant and see if it's any good, before diving into the menu. Once I was satisfied with the footstool (I actually fell in love with the footstool) I purchased a settee and a wing back chair for the study. I highly recoomend these guys to anyone who wants something special, not just a regular sofa.

Abbie Sofa - Over filled cushions and extra scatter cushions
David and Jules


Humphrey Sofa Bed

It took one an half months more that it was suppose to. They keep saying it's covid, its lockdown, its the pandemic. Honestly every business seems to get a free get out of jail card with this covid. I wonder what their excuse would be once this is all over.

<p>Dear Eddie, Please accept my apology for the delay. Please understand we have an ethical and legal responsibility to keep our staff safe at work. We understand this is not an ideal situation, however we have no choice but to follow guidelines provided by the government. Our suppliers and couriers are also affected by this situation. Please do get in touch if you need any further help. Alex</p>

I bought this sofa for my elderly mum and a couple of weeks after the order I realised my mistake. My mum can't get off sofas low to the ground, and I was afraid this may be one of those sofas. Called david in a panic and he was so wonderful. He asked me to measure the height of the current sofa and they will make sure the new one is not any lower to the gorund. It's this sort of personal service which I absolutely adore and appreciate. The sofa arrived and my mum was over the moon. Best thing I ever got her. Thanks David and the team.

Received the Hugo 3 seater and an armchair. What a beautiful sofa. everyone comments on them. they are so unique, so beutifully made. Nice extra comfy deep seats that two people can cuddle up side by side. i am absolutely thrilled about these sofas.

Evelyn Sofa

blissfully unware the sofa had arrived, I walked into the living room and my heart just dropped. It's even more striking than the photos. I am gald I chose velvet for the first time on any furnitture. the colour is so vivid, so vibrant and you see all these different wonderful shades from every angle. It is not the go to place in the entire house. Everyone wants to sit on it, it's so inviting, snug and just a pleasant place to be. can't recommed handmade chesterfields enough.

Superb quality. We are happy owners of a brand new Humphrey suit. Consisting of a 3 and 2 seater plus the low to the ground westminster ottoman. The velvet is so soft to touch and the seats are just the right amount of softness. We chose the Silver studding on dark Grey velvet. I think it's the best combination. We wanted to go for black wooden legs and Alex convinced us that a dark Brown is much more suitable. Seeing them in person now I have to agree they give the sofa that extra bit of class. Thanks Alex and everyone involved..

Grosvenor Chesterfield Sofa

The aged leather on the sofa is exquisite. The whole process from ordering samples, then the sofas, to the final delivery went smoothly. I am pleased with the quality and would highly recommend them.

Belgravia sofa
Mrs Juarez

Our new leather settee arrived 3 days ago and I must have taken 100s of pics and selfies on the sofa. my family and I have ordered a bunch of their stuff and have always been happy. Quality and service are consistently above par.

David went out of his way to find the fabric I was looking for. I am amazed companies like this still exist. We got shrugged off by all other shops after the first few samples were not good enough. But David kept at it until we were happy. Pre-sale, after sales service and the settee has been astounding.

Customer service was amazing. David took great care of us from the first email, to follow up phone conversations and live chat. I am a very fussy buyer, especially for big purchases. I found some companies just lose interest if I am asking too many questions. Well I think everyone should tread very carefully, you are after all buying something you have never seen before, and will never see until it's built and sent to you. But David was nothing short of perfect. He stuck with me until I got all my questions answered and chose the right fabric and legs. Although I did end up changing a few things around again after my order, but he was still happy to help.