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Clever Velvet Spill Resistant
About this fabric
Velvet that combines stain resistance with sumptuous hues and a pleasingly soft texture. Designed to withstand 100,000 rubs as per the Martindale rub test, this smart velvet is the perfect fusion of beauty and durability. Although we always recommend dry cleaning, this fabric can be machine washed at 30c. Composition: 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester.
Mohair Velvet Spill Resistant
About this fabric
A beautifully luxurious soft mohair velvet is the epitome of opulence and tactile allure. The surface of mohair velvet glimmers subtly, catching the light with a gentle sheen that enhances its depth and richness. Soft to the touch, this mohair velvet feels indulgent against the skin, making it a popular choice for luxurious upholstery. Composition: 14% Cotton, 86% Polyester.
Firenze Linen Spill Resistant
About these fabric
Made from 100% pure linen, it offers unmatched breathability and elegance. Draping effortlessly, it invites relaxation while maintaining enduring strength with 35000 Martindale rub test rating. To maintain its best condition, professional dry cleaning is recommended, though it can also be carefully machine washed at 30c. Composition: 100% Linen.
House Linen Spill Resistant
About these fabric
An exceptional linen that offers premium quality at a great value. This fabric stands up well to common water-based spills. With a durability confirmed by a 40,000 Martindale rub test, it's a resilient choice. To maintain its best condition, professional dry cleaning is recommended, though it can also be carefully machine washed at 30c. Composition: 80% Linen, 15% Viscose, 5% PE.
Linen Slub Weave Spill Resistant
About this fabric
Our slub weave linen boasts a robust 50,000 Martindale rub test rating. Its delightful textured finish, a result of the natural fabric composition, infuses charm into any upholstery project. While dry cleaning is recommended to, it can also be machine washed with caution at 30c. Composition: 29% Linen, 32% Viscose, 27% Polyester, 12% PE.
Linen Cotton Spill Resistant
About this fabric
A fabric crafted from a blend of linen and cotton merges the best of both fibers to create a material that is naturally beautiful and soft to the touch. Linen, known for its strength and airy comfort, brings a subtle, textural richness to the fabric, while cotton contributes a gentle softness and flexibility. This combination results in a breathable, lightweight textile that drapes elegantly and has a pleasant, tactile appeal. The inherent beauty of this linen-cotton mix lies in its organic appearance, showcasing a simple yet sophisticated look. This fabric come with a 47,000 Martindale rub test rating. Composition: 24% Linen, 26% Cotton, 32% Viscose, 18% PE.
Spa Linen Spill Resistant
About these fabric
This 100% linen fabric is an ideal choice for sofa upholstery, blending lightweight softness with robust durability. It's gentle to the touch yet strong enough to withstand the demands of daily use, as evidenced by its impressive 30,000 Martindale rub test score. While professional dry cleaning is recommended to preserve its best condition, it can also be machine washed with care at 30c, offering both luxury and practicality for any living space. Composition: 100% Linen.
Milano Linen Spill Resistant
About these fabrics
Crafted exclusively for sofa upholstery, this 100% linen textile is both sumptuous and sturdy. Its heavyweight nature pairs with a gentle softness to the touch, offering a comfortable yet resilient surface ideal for daily life. Demonstrating its toughness, it boasts a Martindale rub test rating of 35,000, signifying its capability to endure wear and tear. For best performance, professional dry cleaning recommended. Can be machine washed with care at 30c. Composition: 100% Linen.
Washed Cotton Spill Resistant
About these fabric
This 100% cotton fabric is a testament to comfort and quality. Exceptionally soft to the touch, it has been meticulously woven, washed, and brushed in Italy, ensuring a luxurious feel. To maintain its superb condition, professional dry cleaning is recommended. However, it also offers the flexibility of being machine washable at 30c when handled with care. Durability is not compromised for comfort, as demonstrated by its 30,000 Martindale rub test rating, making it a resilient choice for everyday use. Composition: 100% Cotton.
Boucle Spill Resistant
About these fabric
This 100% polyester bouclé fabric is a nod to luxurious comfort and modern textile craftsmanship. Deriving its name from the French word 'boucler,' meaning 'to curl,' bouclé is a rich, heavy fabric characterized by its unique looped yarns. These curls or loops give the fabric a textured, soft feel that is delightful to the touch. The polyester composition ensures durability and ease of care, making this sumptuous fabric not only luxurious but also practical for a variety of applications.
Classic Leather
About this leather
This corrected grain pigmented leather has been expertly dyed and finished with a stain-resistant coating, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. The sealed surface is not only hard-wearing and easy to care for but also pleasantly soft to the touch. Its luxurious texture makes it a comfortable and inviting choice, suitable for heavy domestic and commercial environments where quality and comfort are paramount.
Antique Leather Chesterfield and Deco Sofas Only
About this leather
Perfectly complementing classic Chesterfield designs or any sofa featuring intricate buttoning or detailing on the back and arms, like the Deco and Arthur, this leather is of the corrected grain and pigmented variety. Initially, it undergoes multiple dyeing processes, followed by the application of a darker florenteak top coat. Once the furniture piece is upholstered, our skilled artisans carefully rub away parts of the top coat, artfully revealing the layers beneath to create a timeless, antique appearance. The leather is then treated with a polishing coat, enhancing its durability and imparting a sealed surface luster. With regular use, the leather's unique patina will evolve, further accentuating its vintage charm and character.
Oxford Leather
About this leather
Crafted from 100% aniline leather, this material represents the pinnacle of luxury and quality. Each piece is meticulously hand-buffed to perfection, creating a stunning vintage aesthetic that is both visually appealing and rich in character. Not only is this leather easy to care for, but it also boasts a sumptuous feel that is as delightful to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye. With time, it gracefully ages, growing even softer and enhancing its beauty, much like a fine wine. This leather is not just a purchase but an investment in enduring elegance and comfort.
Aged Vintage Leather
About this leather
This 100% aniline leather exudes rustic charm and authenticity. Its highly distressed nature showcases a wealth of character, with each unique mark and imperfection telling a story of its origin. These distinctive traits are not flaws but rather testaments to the leather's genuine quality and natural beauty. With long-term use, this leather evolves, revealing deeper tones and hues that enhance its distinctiveness. This process imbues your sofa with an additional layer of personality, making it not just a piece of furniture but a living testament to timeless style and organic elegance.
Old English Leather
About this leather
This "vintage look" leather boasts a lustrous glossy finish that sets it apart from other leathers. Its sealed surface is not only hard-wearing but also low maintenance, offering both resilience and ease of care. While the images may not fully capture its radiance, in person, this leather exhibits a sheen that is significantly more pronounced than any other leather in our collection. Its glossy demeanor adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, making it a standout choice for those seeking a blend of vintage charm and contemporary shine.

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