10 living rooms showcasing effortless, quiet luxury

10 living rooms showcasing effortless, quiet luxury


Incorporate these subtle luxe living spaces into your interior inspiration board, and delve into expert tips from leading designers on nailing the aesthetic.


In the period that has elapsed since Gwyneth Paltrow's court appearance, the penchant for quiet luxury – a design that is elegant, with an appearance of affluence, yet remains muted – has transitioned gracefully from the fashion sphere into the realm of interior design, bestowing upon it a fresh moniker for a style we've adored for ages.


Today, understandably, the burning question on everyone's lips is how to imbue this aesthetic into their own abodes. And we'd posit that the sitting room presents an ideal commencement point, owing to its inherent connotations of snugness, solace, and the art of layering – a pivotal element of the quiet luxury trend.


It goes without saying, seeking inspiration invariably leads one to the crème de la crème of designers. Therefore, in a bid to guide you on this stylish journey, we've scoured both the length and breadth for the quintessential living room concepts that encapsulate quiet luxury from our most cherished designers (and we've solicited their expert advice for good measure).



10 Living Rooms that Perfectly Capture the Quiet Luxury Aesthetic.


Before we delve deeper, let's take a moment for a brief primer on the essence of 'quiet luxury' in the context of interior design. Quiet luxury signifies a kind of grace that murmurs rather than being boisterous. It encapsulates the ethos of sumptuous understatement, an orchestra of intricate details harmoniously intertwined without overpowering one's senses.


The crux of this aesthetic hinges on adept layering – a mélange of hues, textures, contours, and sensory delights – which crafts that poetic 'orchestra of intricate details'. This is a nuance that the following 10 living rooms capture with remarkable finesse.



1. This nuanced all-white room enriched with textural layers.


Neutral living room with comfy sofas and a beautiful rug


In this elegantly neutral living room, there's a striking audacity in its monochromatic presentation. Quiet luxury encapsulates comfort, simplicity, and an unerring dedication to quality. Within the domestic sphere, it's not about ostentation but rather centres on pragmatism, artisanal craftsmanship, aesthetic splendour, and effortless charm. Harmonising a neutral colour scheme with rich textural nuances is paramount in crafting a warm ambiance in a singularly toned abode such as this. A gentle, somewhat luminous decorative plaster wall finish imparts a tremendous, yet understated depth. Meanwhile, sumptuous sofas and luxuriant rugs infuse the space with a tangible tenderness.



2. This atmospheric design that highlights the trend's darker allure.


Dark living room with mid century sofas and a piano


Within both the realms of fashion and interior design, 'quiet luxury' is often synonymous with a neutral colour palette, as elaborated upon further below. However, this design demonstrates that the trend's reach is indeed more expansive. We have a profound affection for dark rooms and endeavour to incorporate one in every residence we curate. I perceive them as sensuous, imbued with romance, and truly cultivating a unique ambiance. In my view, what bestows this room with the 'quiet luxury' feel is the sumptuous camel-toned velvet settee coupled with the grand artwork. These elements gracefully counterbalance the multiple layers present in this space. Additionally, the delicate linen draperies infuse warmth into the room.



3. This abundant design with deliberate, vibrant hues.


Curved sofa in a white living room with contrasting black artwork


Set within an immaculate white backdrop, this living space boasts an exceptionally tall ceiling, complemented by magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows that usher in a cascade of natural light. The deep, rich wooden flooring offers a striking contrast, harmonising with the elegant black grand piano and the sinuously beautiful curved furnishings.

As we've touched upon previously, there's a common perception that 'quiet luxury' is synonymous with monochromatic, neutral colour schemes. However, leading interior designers are casting this notion aside, showcasing the diverse possibilities inherent to the trend. Quiet luxury is the amalgamation of opulent materials, voluptuous shapes, and grand-scale pieces that lend an unmistakable majesty to the room. This room, while inherently luxurious in its essence, is punctuated by intentional bursts of bold colour.

This is evident in the plush decadence of the velvet that envelops the curved settee and the prominent art installation encased within clear acrylic boxes. Such artistic expressions, in tandem with the bespoke window adornments that extend towards the impressive double-height ceiling, accentuate the vertical majesty of the room. The end result is a harmonious blend of luxury, all while embracing a more spirited and vivacious colour spectrum.



4. This Exemplification of 'Quiet Luxury' Through a Masterful Blend of Materials.


Light living room with white sofa blue armchair and fireplace


In the realm of interior design, the concept of 'quiet luxury' goes beyond mere aesthetics. It delves into the philosophy of harmoniously blending the timeworn with the contemporary, whilst celebrating an array of tactile sensations. For the creation of this particular living room, intertwining elements from bygone eras with modern innovations. A noteworthy feature is the freshly commissioned chimney breast, adorned with a distinctive arch form that elegantly echoes the home's historical Tudor lineage.

While materials such as velvet, brass, stone, and leather are conventionally associated with opulence, these materials not only exude luxury but also epitomise warmth, familiarity, and accessibility. Materials like leather, stone, and brass possess the innate quality to age gracefully, evolving in character and charm over the years. Velvet, with its sumptuous texture, has an inviting allure, compelling individuals to experience its lavishness. The design ethos staunchly advocates for the incorporation of natural elements. Curating pieces that, much like fine wine, enhance in beauty and appeal as the years roll by.



5. This Calming Design Artfully Balancing Diverse Forms and Silhouettes.


Beautifully curved sofa in bright room with a fireplace


In this living room design the gracefully curved sofa undoubtedly captures one's attention at first glance, serving as a testament to the adeptness in utilising distinctive forms for a touch of whimsy. Within this space, the prominence of the sofas is paramount in the overarching design narrative. The aspiration was to seamlessly intertwine layers, employing an eclectic mix of materials. The burl wood coffee tables, with their rich textures and intricate patterns, emerged as an impeccable complement. To truly encapsulate the essence of 'quiet luxury', one must artfully juxtapose a medley of shapes and materials, ensuring a harmonious yet evocative aesthetic.



6. This Living Space Masterfully Exalting Organic, Rustic Textures.


Art deco sofa and armchair in a white living room


Polished metals certainly hold a valued position within a subdued luxury aesthetic, yet equally significant are the more 'earthen' elements. The most captivating aspect of this chamber is unquestionably its rich tapestry of textures. Each texture has been meticulously selected based on how it harmonises with or provides a contrast to its adjacent materials. The hand-applied, weathered plaster walls evoke a sense of bucolic allure, yet they convey it with a sophisticated touch. This interplay between the rustic and the refined resonates throughout the space, from the raw splendour of the stone hearth to the streamlined window ledges. The armchair introduces a hint of plushness, acting as a sanctuary of solace in an area marked by solid constructs. Regarding the natural timber, it exudes a warmth, anchoring the entirety of the design.



7. This thoughtfully crafted design showcases the art of exemplary lighting.


Traditional sofas in a modern living room with a black piano


In the realm of quiet luxury interior design, the integration of layered lighting in a living room is paramount. It not only sets the ambience but also accentuates the distinct features of the room, letting its strengths shine. In this particular living room there's a harmonious blend of prominent and understated lighting elements that truly transform the space. It has incorporated diminutive, minimalist ceiling lights with a primary focus on accentuating the artwork. Simultaneously, other ornamental lamps and fixtures have been strategically placed, varying in height and form, to captivate the gaze and introduce depth and layers within the room. However, it's imperative to note that despite these artificial lighting choices, natural light remains the most coveted luxury. The design ethos must consistently seek ways to usher in and disperse this organic luminance throughout the space.



8. This minimalist setting ensures the art takes the spotlight and remains the focal point.


Boxy modern sofa in cream and a stone effect artwork on the wall


Gallery walls, with their bustling visuals, are seldom aligned with the "quiet luxury" interior design trend. Instead, the emphasis is placed on a more discerning selection of wall art for the living room. By spotlighting a handful of pivotal pieces, space is given for each to breathe and shine within the design framework. The room's decor should seamlessly converse with the selected artwork and vice versa. The chairs and the coffee table exude a pronounced architectural essence, and the angles within the artwork resonate perfectly with those structural lines. Moreover, the warm taupe shades embedded in the art pieces beautifully echo the brass undertones scattered across the room.



9. This majestic setting emphasises carefully selected silhouettes.


Curved sofa in a living room with floor to ceiling windows


The pronounced curve of the settee, coupled with the towering height of the curtains, elevates this drawing room to a level of understated grandeur. Quiet luxury denotes a discreet sensibility, refined aesthetic, and muted silhouettes. In this chamber, the emphasis was predominantly on craftsmanship, superior quality, and rich texture. Elementary circular forms capture attention, anchoring the space. The settee is strategically positioned to embrace the vista overlooking the splendidly landscaped terrace. While this might seem a nuanced touch, it's absolutely vital in shaping an individual's interaction with the room. When it comes to the drawing room draperies, a russet hue in a wool sateen was chosen. This infuses a touch of muted colour for added theatricality, and wool sateen drapes elegantly, accentuating the ripple fold design. Its consistent, repetitive pattern contributes to the 'quiet luxe' ambiance.



10. This chic apartment setting that subtly incorporates elements of nature.


Minimalistic living room with designer accent chair and leather sofa


This is a masterclass in minimaluxe interior style. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the living area effortlessly makes it to this list. By meticulously refining the space, attention is drawn to the room's inherent features like the original windows, mouldings, and floorings – further enriched with natural accents, such as an indoor tree. 

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