5 design mistakes cluttering your entryway, according to experts

5 design mistakes cluttering your entryway, according to experts


Entryways can become chaotic without proper storage. Designers share how to organize them correctly.


Entryways serve as the first impression of a home, setting the tone for what's to come. Whether you're walking into a space in person or browsing design inspirations on platforms like Pinterest, many of these entryways exude a sense of order, balance, and serenity. This sense of tranquillity can be found in various styles, from the pared-down minimalist designs to the bold spaces adorned with lively patterns and an abundance of accessories. Yet, there's a subtle, often overlooked element that underpins the success of these spaces: effective storage solutions. It's this unobtrusive yet essential component that often becomes the silent hero, ensuring that even the busiest of entryways maintain their aesthetic appeal.



1. Overlooking Practical Storage Solutions.


Light entryway with grey door and natural wood console table


The entryway of a home is more than just a transitional space; it sets the tone for the entire residence. Regardless of the prevailing ambiance or chosen colour palette, the impact of this space is undeniable. First impressions indeed last, which is why the design of an entryway should never be an afterthought in any home. One of the fundamental elements of a successful entryway design is ensuring it remains free from clutter. A tidy and organised entrance not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also ensures visitors carry a lasting positive impression. We're fortunate to have access to some of the industry's leading designers, and they've generously shared their invaluable insights on how to steer clear of storage pitfalls and optimise the design of your entryway.


The entryway sets the tone for the entirety of a home, and one of the most common pitfalls is the disarray of a console table. We can highlight the significance of a well-curated entryway by likening it to a visual sorbet or a palate cleanser that facilitates the transition from the external world into the sanctuary of one's home. While the allure of a console table might seem ideal for housing items like mail, keys, and other daily necessities, without careful attention, it can swiftly morph into a cluttered repository, a place where belongings inadvertently accumulate.


Further complicating this is the temptation to adorne these tables with decorative accents, from cherished photo frames to trinkets from one's travels. Too many of these, and the entryway can appear disorderly and overwhelming.


Addressing this concern, homeowners should to take a step back and genuinely evaluate their needs, especially concerning what is essential to have by the door. It's about discerning between the needs and wants of your household. After this introspection, it becomes clearer how to curate and limit what rests on your console table. Transitioning from this self-awareness, the next step is to explore aesthetically pleasing yet functional storage options for the entryway. Consider incorporating a few elegant straw baskets. These can be gracefully placed beneath a console and serve as excellent storage for items like beach towels, shawls, or even dog leads. This not only provides an organised storage solution but also maintains an inviting and orderly appearance.





Traditional entryway with an antique console table and chair


In many homes, the entryway bench often inadvertently becomes a repository for coats, bags, and an assortment of items. This not only disrupts the visual harmony of the space but also compromises the primary function of the bench - providing a comfortable seating spot. Contrary to popular belief, a bench with built-in storage might not be the ideal solution. The inherent challenge is accessibility. One cannot easily access the storage if they are seated, or if the bench top is laden with items. Its practicality diminishes.


As an alternative, consider integrating built-in storage solutions, like baskets or hooks, strategically positioned either above or below the seating area. This design not only conceals belongings effectively but also ensures that the bench's utility remains unhindered.


A nuanced perspective on built-in storage aesthetics, is to ensure a harmonious look that doesn't dominate the space, paint the built-ins in the same shade as your walls and trim. This approach offers a unified, sleek appearance whilst affording the much-needed hidden storage.





Light and bright entryway with a grey chest of drawers


While baskets might initially seem like the panacea for all storage woes, there's a caveat. Over-reliance on open baskets, especially in abundance, can lead to a cluttered appearance. Contrary to the neat look of concealed storage or even baskets with lids. Excessive storage can quickly lose its efficiency if not periodically curated and organised.


Open baskets, particularly those easily accessible at eye level or lower, often become clutter magnets. Allocating a designated space for outdoor accessories, such as hats, gloves, and dog leads, within baskets that are housed inside closets, strikes the right balance between accessibility and aesthetic cleanliness.


In many instances, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling built-ins seamlessly integrate within the foyer. Their ability to merge with the surroundings and conceal clutter endows the space with a sense of expansiveness and a bespoke finish.





Light entryway with grey door and natural wood console table


The allure of a spacious, catch-all piece of furniture for an entryway is understandable. After all, the thought of a single unit that can accommodate all the belongings typically stored in this space might seem like the ultimate solution. However, such pieces often fail to contribute positively to the overall aesthetics of the room. If you're presently considering such a piece, hoping it'll be the silver bullet for your storage needs, it might be time to reconsider.


In smaller, more compact entryways, the presence of oversized furniture can be particularly overwhelming. Instead of leaning towards these bulky, dominant pieces, we advise a more nuanced approach. Seek out storage solutions that elegantly integrate into the room, almost mirroring conventional furniture. Embrace designs that are refined and streamlined. The ideal choice would be multi-functional furniture – pieces that not only address storage concerns but also elevate the room's aesthetics. This could manifest as a chic table with a concealed storage compartment or a tastefully designed stool with hidden space within.





Entryway with cream walls and natural wood door plus wooden cabinet


While it's evident that oversized, clunky furniture pieces can obstruct the harmony of an entryway, the other extreme - a plethora of diminutive pieces - can be just as detrimental. Don't inundating the space with numerous small furniture items that might lack the capacity to accommodate your storage needs.


Given that entryways traditionally aren't inundated with furniture, the chosen pieces must possess the gravitas to anchor the room effectively. This could entail selecting a console table imbued with a bold hue. Such a piece would not only offer sufficient storage capacity but would also punctuate the space with a striking visual statement, ensuring the entryway remains both functional and aesthetically resonant.

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